hey ive been playing a lot of fallout + overwatch along with signing up for some cons! con updates are on my tumblr. <3 

It's been months!

2016-02-24 17:01:22 by meloramylin

not too much has been going on but I did start a webcomic! you can read it here. it's in graphite so most of my time outside of work and school is going into it-- which is why I haven't been as active as I usually was. that being said, I'm on my tumblr a lot more! 


oh! something I have been doing lately however, is preparing to sell at cons! I've been to a couple with my friend, Adrien, as his helper so he's teaching me more about them. c: my first one I'm selling at is local but I'm gonna try to start attending more in the future! 

merry christmas!!

2015-12-23 02:57:36 by meloramylin

and a happy new year! 

an update

2015-09-10 18:30:29 by meloramylin

a lot has been going on so I decided to let you guys know: unfortunately, I'm not going to be attending art school this year due to some financial problems. I was definitely disappointed but I'm wondering if this is the best mistake because for all I know rn, I could have just been so unhappy and in debt (I've got a lot of mixed feelings about art school but I won't go on about that). for now I'm going to be going to a nearby community college while I'm working. got a new job btw. now I get paid over minimum wage and it comes with all sorts of benefits, not to mention that the company is really good to the employees! 

as for art, i've got a lot of projects in the works so hopefully I'll be able to post some more stuff in the near future. also I'm taking like 2/3 art classes this semester but most of everything from those classes will be unfinished so it'll likely be posted on my tumblr and instagram (both are meloramylin).

but that's all that's been going on with me! how are you guys doing?

robot day! and other things!

2015-07-02 23:18:39 by meloramylin

i'm so bad with keeping up with journal entries, but I'll try to be more consistent with it-- but anyway, I'm reeaaally looking forward to robot day because I'm always up for challenges with my art and what not but I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.. either something a little aggressive or some cutesy android cause that's what I'm into. anyone else gonna do something for robot day? c:


also! just started messing around with video editing programs and doing speedpaints so I hope I'll be doing a bunch in the future. heres the first one! pls don't look at my animation from high school, it's the woRST.